Sony announces new PS5 console! The body is smaller, the optical drive is detachable, the storage space is larger, and the price is announced!

Sony announces new PS5 console, optical drive version $499, digital version $449

In the early morning of October 11, Sony suddenly announced the new PS5 console that was previously revealed. In line with the rumors, the console announced this time can indeed be called PS5 SLIM.

According to Sony’s announcement, the new console launched this time has exactly the same performance as the original PS5 console, but the body is smaller. Because of the change to a detachable optical drive design, there are some slight changes in appearance, and there are two more gaps in the covers on both sides. The length, height and width of the new console are 358mm, 96mm and 216mm respectively. The overall volume is reduced by more than 30% compared to the current PS5. The weight has also been reduced. The old version of PS5 weighs about 4.5 kilograms, the new version of PS5 optical drive version is about 3.2 kilograms, and the digital version is about 2.6 kilograms. This means that the weight of the detachable optical drive is about 0.6 kilograms. The picture below shows the size comparison between the original PS5 and the new PS5.

In terms of interfaces, the old model has a USB and Type-C interface on the front, while the new PS5 has two USB Type-C interfaces on the front, one of which supports up to 10Ggps. There are still two super-speed USB ports on the back end, unchanged.

In terms of built-in storage, the new PS5 has slightly increased. The old model has 825GB. After removing the system, only 667GB is available. The new PS5 console will have 1TB of built-in storage. After removing the host system, there will be 866GB.

The weight of the new model is much lighter. It should be that Sony has worked hard on the radiator. Although the official did not indicate it in the parameters, the guess is that it is the same as the leak. The liquid gold heat dissipation of the old model should be gone, and it is most likely to be replaced by ordinary silicon. Grease heat dissipation, officials claim it will have lower power consumption and better heat dissipation. The biggest difference from the old model is that even if you buy the digital version of the new PS5, if you want to use an optical drive, you can also purchase a removable optical drive separately for upgrade.

The new PS5 optical drive version is priced at US$499 and the digital version is priced at US$449. It will be sold at local retailers and online in the United States, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom in November this year, and will be launched globally in the next few months. The official price of the removable optical drive has not yet been announced, but judging from the price difference between the digital version and the optical drive version, it is estimated to be between US$50 and US$80. The official finally mentioned that the current PS5 model has been discontinued, and after its inventory is sold out, the new PS5 will be the only model available.

It is rumored that Switch 2 will not use OLED screen but will have new AR functions

According to wccftech, Nintendo’s Switch2 console will not use an OLED screen, but it will still have some features that are different from the Switch. SoldierDelta, who broke the news, said that Nintendo’s new console will have some AR functions, which may be related to the rumored new camera function.

“Red Dead Redemption” physical version now available for pre-order

Rockstar announced that the PS4 and NS physical versions of this game will be officially released on October 13. Pre-orders are currently open on Amazon, both priced at $49.99. UK players have an extra £5 off, with the original price of £39.99 and a special launch price of £34.99. Some time ago, Rockstar updated the PS4 version of “Red Dead Redemption” with patch 1.0.3. PS5 players can enjoy exclusive 60-frame enhancements when playing the PS4 version through backward compatibility.

LEGO x “Assemble!” Animal Crossing: New Horizons set to be released next year

LEGO announced yesterday that the series of products jointly launched by Nintendo’s Animal Crossing will be released on March 1, 2024.

Recently, the producers of “Tears of the Kingdom” Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi accepted an interview with the British “Daily Telegraph” and responded for the first time to the reasons for the disappearance of Shikar Tower, Shikar Temple, and Guardians. Fujibayashi said: “They disappeared after Calamity was defeated (sealed), but no one knows the mechanism or reason for their disappearance, which is regarded as a mystery. People in Hyrule believe that these ancient creatures disappeared after Calamity disappeared. The mission of the Shikar device has ended, and therefore it has disappeared. In any case, mysterious events and strange phenomena are commonplace in Hyrule. The main civilizations in “Breath of the Wild” and “Tears of the Kingdom” are completely different , so we think about the game in terms of matching these civilizations.”