“Totally Killer”—A comedy-horror film that hovers around the pass mark

This month, Amazon and Netflix released new films at the same time, namely ” Totally Killer” and ” Ballerina “.

The former is a classic comedy-horror approach, with a heavier sense of suspense and a relaxed viewing experience. The latter is more stylized, a solid action film with a full sense of plasma.

The two movies have many similarities, both are not small in scale. They are both nutritious fast food movies. They are just for entertainment. The heroines are both local young actresses with great potential. The core of the story is about girls helping girls. revenge.

In comparison, I would recommend ” Ballerina ” more. It has nothing to do with preference. Its refreshing feeling and unconventionality really surprise the audience. If time is limited, just watch it.

If you are interested in both movies, please be sure to watch ” Totally Killer ” first, otherwise it will be too boring to watch it after watching ” Ballerina “.

Let’s start with “Totally Killer”.

Kiernan Shipka, the heroine, has been beautiful since childhood. Her role as Sally in the top American TV series “Mad Men” made her famous at a young age. In recent years, she has become famous for her beauty alone. degree.

This time I participated in ” Totally Killer “, although there were many scenes, but the scenes were all relatively routine, and there was little room for performance. Like the film itself, it was generally quite satisfactory.

The story of the film is very stereotyped. The heroine’s mother is killed, and she uses the time machine of her science-loving best friend to travel back in time to kill the murderer.

The movie does not describe too much about “time travel”. Changes in the past will affect the future and other issues involving “logic” are only mentioned. After all, this is not the selling point, so we can just follow the rhythm of the movie. It is necessary to delve deeper into the rationality.

Although the biggest flaw of ” Totally Killer ” is also a logical problem, it has nothing to do with time travel, but is reflected in the logic of the characters’ actions, which is unreasonable and makes people laugh.

There was a serial murder case in the small town. Three girls were murdered. Everyone knew that the murderer was a masked maniac. The case was never solved. From then on, the town had the legend of a serial killer.

The three girls who were murdered were part of a gang of four best friends, and the heroine’s mother was the only survivor. Many years later, her mother was unfortunately killed one night, and the main story began.

It just so happens that the heroine’s best friend is a science enthusiast who is researching a time machine. By chance, the heroine uses the time machine to go back to the time when the girls were not killed.

The heroine finds the girlfriend gang and tells them about the accidents that may happen to them, and tries to prevent the murder from happening as much as possible.

The three girls were not killed at the same time, which means that the heroine had multiple opportunities to find the murderer.

However, their ending is not difficult to guess. They are destined to die. If they are really saved, the drama will not be able to continue.

But having said that, the logic of the characters’ behavior is still too outrageous after all, even if they are tool people, they cannot do this.

At first, the heroine told them about the danger that might come, but no one believed it and no one cared. There was no problem with that. But after the first girl was killed as the heroine said, everyone just seemed to have forgotten about it after the initial panic, and actually continued to party and spend the weekend.

Until the second girl was killed, two murders in succession, everything was revealed by the heroine.

When things come to this point, the third girl’s reaction must be to panic and seek life. This is the survival instinct of human beings. However, the girl in the film is still willing to be a bait, running to the murder scene alone to lure out the killer. In the end, she leads the killer. Got a lunch box.

In order to advance the story arrangement, the logic of the characters’ behavior is completely ignored. This is the biggest regret of the film.

Apart from this flaw, other aspects such as the adjustment of comedy elements, the creation of a sense of horror, and the reversal of the identity of the real murderer in the end are all pretty good.

Overall, ” Totally Killer ” is a film that hovers around the passing line.